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Saturday, July 12, 2008

let's move on

Note posted by me on the CAF googlegroup:

Governments and their various departments may be obliged to do many things. But, they have all failed uniformly, and there's no hope ever of getting them to organise themselves to deliver. Governments themselves have realised this (including the ones in West Bengal & Kerala), and are seeking to withdraw themselves from where they don't need to be. There is also a move towards removing the word 'socialism'(not included by the original form, but introduced later by Mm Indira Gandhi as an amendment) from the Constitution itself.

Further, as far as public bus transport services is concerned, the BMLTA has now been in existence from over 6 months. Admittedly, it has not been structured properly, stuffed as it is with government babu's and some select experts, quite as pointed out by the IIM professor at the ABIDE. These are early days, and I expect things will evolve as we go along for which we need to engage ourselves closely with them. Towards this, I have been saying from long that we need to get our representatives on these bodies, which has only received lip sympathy so far. Now, if you are saying that they should first have a perfect structure, and then only we will participate, it like saying 'after you learn to swim, you may enter the water'. In the process of introducing competition, the need for which I trust there's not going to be a debate any more, admittedly, a few things will go wrong. But, that doesn't mean we go on researching indefinitely to find the best route. Take the plunge with the inputs available, and correct the wrongs, if any, as we go along.

In the case of power distribution, things are even more straight-forward. The government itself has decided that it needs to get out of distribution, which has been spelt out in no uncertain terms in the reforms agenda, and nobody has offically opposed it even. But, it is repeatedly getting sidelined by various vested interest groups, including possibly from the genset manufacturers. Also, the regulatory body, the KERC, has existed from over a decade to have gained sufficient maturity. If the government has to gain a control over its finances, this is one area that it has to tackle immediately, the subsidy component here being the highest.

So, let's get a move on, Sir. Ours is supposed to be an ACTION forum.


  • Sri Muralidhara Rao, i am a person who is split in between two warring factions - one faction's blood boils at the sight of the govt's gross neglect of governance, utter apathy to prevailing conditions and of course extreme corruption.. the other faction says 'why do you care for all that? this is the way of the natural world.. just make money for yourself, enjoy your one nature gifted life, strive for your own needs and anyway all these things when measured against a geological timescale and universal dimensions are but nothing... plus if things get to a boiling point, revolution will break out and it would be good..

    whats your take on these?

    btw, i used to be a member of the RSS and i was highly impressed with their dedication to the nation, but their work ethic was difficult to follow and my material comfort instincts overtook me and i am simply lazing around and enjoying life right now.

    By Blogger Madhusudhan, at 6:43 PM  

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